Brand Health Measurement
  • Which brand comes to your mind first for [Category]?
  • Which other brands come to your mind for [Category]?
  • Look at the list and choose all the other brands you have seen/read/heard about for [Category].
  • From all the brands you know, which did you use for [Category]?
  • From all the brands you've used, which are you are currently using for [Category].
  • From the brands you are currently using, which do you use most often for [Category]?
  • Brand Knowledge

  • Rate your level of knowledge on the following brands for [Category]?
  • Brand Familiarity

  • How familiar are you with the following brands for [Category]?
  • Brand Opinion

  • What is your opinion about each of the following brands for [Category]?
  • Brand Consideration

  • From the following brands, which would you consider for [Category]?
  • Brand Recommendation

  • Would you recommend any of these brands to others for [Category]?

That's all, folks!

* End page and disqualification logic can only be seen in the live survey