Pricing Survey
  • How satisfied are you with the pricing of the products in this category?

  • How expensive is [Client Brand] compared to similar brands?

  • What is the ideal price for a product like this

  • What price from this list would make you consider the product too expensive

  • What price from this list would make you consider the product good bargain

  • What price from the list would make you consider the product expensive but not too expensive to still buy

  • What price from the list would make you consider the product too cheap and cause you to doubt its quality?

  • Compared to similar brandshow do you perceive [Client Brand] when it comes to value for your money? 

  • Do you think a cheaper version of [Client Product] should exist?

  • Which features could you live without in a cheaper version?

That's all, folks!

* End page and disqualification logic can only be seen in the live survey