Campus Facilities Feedback Survey
  • Rate your satisfaction level with the following aspects of the university:

    Very dissatisfied
    Very satisfied
  • How often do you use campus facilities?

  • How convenient is it to book sports facilities for recreational use?
  • How up-to-date are campus facilities?

  • How readily available are school resources to aid your studies? 

  • How often do you use the campus library?
  • How can school resources be improved to aid students’ coursework? List your suggestions below. 

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  • How adequate is the school sports equipment

  • Are there any sports facilities you would like the university to provide?
  • Please list them below.

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  • Is there any specific sports equipment you would like the university to provide?
  • Please list them below. 

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  • How can your experience at this university be improved? Please leave your comments below.

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  • How satisfied are you with the overall experience at this university? 

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