K-12 Teacher Feedback Survey
  • How enjoyable do you feel your class is for your students

  • How well-behaved are your students in class?

  • How well are your students coping with their assignments? 
  • Are you provided enough time by the school to teach the curriculum?

  • Are you given the freedom to tailor the curriculum according to your students’ needs?
  • Does the school support your decisions regarding your classes? 

  • Are you given enough resources to teach your students effectively?

  • How is your class progress according to the curriculum?
  • How often does bullying occur amongst your students?
  • How comfortable dyou think your students feel bringing their concerns to you?

  • How is communication between your students and their parents?
  • How are the relationships between you and your students’ parents?
  • How often do your students’ parents come to you with their concerns?
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