Parental Support Survey
  • Name of child:

  • School

  • Grade:

  • What are your family dynamics? Check and specify where appropriate.

  • What is your and your spouse’s occupation?

  • Spouse, if applicable:

  • How many siblings does your child have in the family?

  • How is the relationship between you and your child?

  • How is the relationship(s) between your child and his/her sibling(s)?

  • How well does your child respond to discipline from you in your household?

  • How updated are you regarding your child’s school life?

  • How often do you communicate with your child regarding his/her school life?

  • How often do you keep track of your child’s academic progress at school?

  • How often do you supervise your child’s schoolwork?

  • How often does your child come to you for help with his/her schoolwork?

  • Does your child receive tuition outside of school?

  • specify:

  • Do you supplement your child’s learning with outside material?

  • specify:

That's all, folks!